Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Herpes In My Nose Is Killing Me Metallic Taste, Chest Pain, Swollen Lymph Nodes...?

Metallic taste, chest pain, swollen lymph nodes...? - herpes in my nose is killing me

In the past two months, strange things have happened, frankly, have no idea whether they are connected in every case, but I have to be sure.
difficult time online:
2 months ago metallic taste in my mouth, I thought it was a tooth infection, but no toothache or something with him, he shrugged his shoulders [and yes, I have now]
1 month ago blisters on the nose (or whatever I herpes simplex responsible for cold sores?), So I knew that my immune system something that I thought was a fight against the cold.
In the last week of the lymph nodes in the neck, armpits and groin. For two days, some are out of my skin and then again during the night. Fatigue and a feeling of disconnection from the network .. I can not really explain. Also, the chest pain when running, fast walking, RunnIng climbing stairs, etc:. Once my heart rate beyond a certain point, it kills. The grief was the only thing that worries me, until I met and thought it might be linked to all ...
again ... can not be.

But I am here only for diagnosis but rather on the fact that my parents me to a doctor.
We did not know, because he retired, and still shoot in the morning "!" Things.
You think I'm on the reaction, but the truth is that I feel as if we are unprotected or call intuition, however, without prejudice.

How can I get tested by myself? If my parents did me, then I have to take a kind. Where can I go? "

ItGoal, but I have a document of the Red Cross told me that I HTLV. How often are false positives?
I did not even know how HTLV's.

Sorry for the rant romance and easy with him, but thank you in advance.


namairb2 said...

HTLV-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I do not know why the Red Cross told you, unless they have given blood, or have tried something else and your health history is not finished yet. You really need to show your parents this letter to the Red Cross, and then you really want to see the doctor. You can rely on the disruption and type HTLV and are looking for information to follow shortly. The fact that it is a metallic taste is not normal. You really need a complete physical examination and be treated for his illness. As far as a false positive result, what you do not believe that you are such a case. If your parents still can not you as quickly as possible, you should contribute to Planned Parenthood or a free clinic in your area. They have much more of a cold going in their immune systems and are not capable of everything your body manage much more. It really must be seen. Try to take the letter to the school nurse and tell her symptoms, including any. I am sure that you Ahold his parents and explain the urgency of their illness. Good luck and God bless. I hope that soon get help.

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